How long does it take to ship my order ?

After making a payment and placing your order, we usually ship the order on the next day by 12 pm.

How will my order be shipped ?

We ship the order through UPS.

How can I check the status of my order ?

After placing an order you will receive a confirmation email which contain “Thank you” note with product name, quantity, price and shipping address.

How can I track my order ?

You will receive an email which contains your order information and UPS tracking number.

Can I cancel or modify my order ?

After placing the order and confirming the payment, we ship your order on the next day by 12 pm. So if you want to cancel or modify your order, please do it on the same day you placed the order or on the next day by 11 am.

What if I provided wrong shipping address ?

If you entered wrong shipping address please contact us immediately. We pack and ship the order on the next day by 12 pm after the order was placed. So if you want to modify shipping address, please do it on the same day or on the next day by 11 am. However if your order already has been shipped, the only thing we can do to make a correction on the UPS website using tracking number (Note: You can only modify certain components of your address with UPS. You can change city, zip code, add a room, suite or floor, but you cannot change both street name and number). If this option doesn’t work too and the package has been delivered to wrong address anyway, there is nothing to do, but to wait until package return to us.

The sooner you let us know about address modification, the better chances you have correcting mistake.

Can I return the item and have a full refund ?

We accept returns only when the item is defective or not working properly (Note: Defective means mechanical damage during shipping or if there is an electrical issue and the battery pack not working properly which manifest during the first 7 days). We carefully test the product before packing and make sure we ship only high quality product. However if somehow you get a defective item, please send us photos and brief description of the defect not later than 7 days you receive the order (After 7 days from your order acceptance no claim will be accepted). Our team will examine the information you provided and if they determine that the defect emerged as a result of manufacture or shipment, we will send you free return “Shipping label” for replacing your item. We will send you new item with the same model and color without any charge.

At this moment we don’t provide a full refund service.

Is there anything important I should know about battery packs ?

When you receive your order please read the user manual carefully and fully charge the battery pack. Although all our battery packs have an over discharging protection, do not leave discharged battery without charging for a long time (Note: If discharged battery packs don’t charge over 6 months, the battery capacity may reduce).


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